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young vampire concerns - by eric Hews ©2012"stop and think, meat!" - Yo & Dude™ by eric Hews ©21012"don't call me the robot" - Yo & Dude™ by eric Hews ©2012Sweet mother of chickens!Finally, a fortune I can get behind!change is good - Across the Pond™
Because SOME customers are dickheads...What the FOCK?!foreign policy - yo & dude™target the innocent - Across the Pond™"...all that's missing is your tender FLESH! Mwahahaha!"stealing water
boringif you have to ask... - Yo & Dude™Amendment One - Across the Pond™I went big - Yo & Dude™The Message Tee - Yo & Dude™i don't understand you - Across the Pond™
rollergirl - River City Rollergirls (Richmond, Virginia)The Dude enjoys a sunny day on the deckTrue, but that was more of a horoscope reading than an actual fortuneI call it "Squirrel-Rooster Emerging from a Cornucopia"IronySometimes it all spews out...


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